Pickleball BC takes direction with respect to COVID restrictions from our PHO, with guidance and interpretation by viaSport.

On Dec 24th the existing PHO for sport in BC was further clarified by viaSport. The new information was posted by viaSport Dec 28th. Some of the definitions have been revised and some wording has been added. There is also a Jan 1, 2021 update.

Adult is now defined as 22 and older. Adult team sport has been changed to group sport. Travel is allowed to a home club for the purpose of sport. Sport club is an organization where a person is registered for sport. There are more details for high performance exemption, sport for children and youth and intercollegiate sport which we won't go into here. See the viaSport website for details

Adult indoor group sport is limited to 2 players, with a minimum of 3 m between players. Therefore only singles pickleball is permitted indoors.

Adult outdoor group sport is limited to 4 players with the same a 3 m distance requirements, to all other players.

As a pickleball doubles team cannot/will not be able to maintain the 3 m separation, outdoor pickleball is limited to singles also.

EXCEPTION - outdoors if ALL players live in the same household then doubles is permitted

Clarification re outdoor doubles - family member exemptions: 
  • Outdoor pickleball can be played by four members of the same household without the need for 3 m separation.
  • Three members of the same household cannot play doubles as one member would be teamed up with someone outside of the household and 3 meters distancing would not possible on that side of the net.
  • Two members from one household can play against 2 members from another household as the 3 m distance requirement is controlled/maintained by the 7' Non-Volley Zone.
The viaSport website URL is:

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Pickleball BC

Play and stay safe!
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Pickleball BC