The CTPR system has been in effect since January 1, 2022, and is a very reliable, objective and dynamic system. 

What is Pickleball Brackets?

  • A Pickleball software solutions provider for player ratings based upon captured game results data from tournaments anywhere in the World.
  • Canada, USA and Australia are examples of Countries are using this software system.
  • Currently the most used and advanced software able to produce ‘performance-based’ ratings.
  • Uses algorithms to first assess the probability of the higher rated TEAM (combined partners rating) winning over a lower rated TEAM in every game.
  • Uses algorithms to predict probable point spreads based upon team ratings.
  • Uses the actual outcome of each game to calculate rating points won or lost.
  • Is a very transparent performance-based system (actual win/loss results) available for all to see, game by game, tournament by tournament.

What happens to your Canadian Tournament Player Rating (CTPR) in a PCO sanctioned tournament?

  • Your CTPR will move up and down, based on the results of each game.
  • Every game point matters. Results are calculated based the on probability and actual sores based on overall team ratings.
  • Each game will result in each player going into the very next game with a new rating.
  • Over 9400 active Canadian players are in the CTPR system.
  • We are on track to have 70 sanctioned tournaments in Canada in 2023, and game data is being amassed at a record rate.
  • We are well beyond requested ratings changes and resets and need to allow the system to provide reliable ratings over time and frequency.
  • Players are better positioned to move their ratings higher by playing in the skill level of their current CTPR, or by playing up .5 skill level.
  • The CTPR will start with a self-rating only if you do not have game results first recorded in a non-sanctioned tournament. If you have a PBR rating, then that will be the rating used in your first CTPR event.
  • Results are uploaded based upon the tier level of the sanctioned tournament. Smaller tournaments results are uploaded at 70% or 80% while Nationals, Regionals and Provincials are all at 100%-point results.

Pickleball Canada’s CTPR Policy:All participants in a sanctioned tournament must have a Canadian Tournament Player Rating (CTPR).

  • PCO policy on the use of CTPR must be followed for all Sanctioned Tournaments. Should both players choose to, they may play up ONLY a 0.5 rating level from their current CTPR. The only exception is for 4.5+ or Open events, where all players must have a minimum 4.5 CTPR rating to play in that event. Tournament Directors will ensure this policy is adhered to.
  • If a tournament has a 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0(Open) event, a 4.0 player can play up into the 4.5 event but not into the 5.0/Open event. 5.0/Open events are for 4.5 and above skill level players only.
  • If a tournament has a 4.0 and 4.5+ event without a 5.0/Open event, a 4.0 player cannot play up into the 4.5+ event as it is for 4.5 and higher skill players only. In this case, the 4.5+ event acts in the same way as the Open.
  • Open Category – is only open to advanced players with a minimum skill level of 4.5. It is acceptable to substitute “5.0” terminology instead of “Open” if tournament directors choose to.
  • PCO implemented this CTPR to standardize sanctioned tournaments across Canada.
  • All Sanctioned Tournaments are now being reviewed to ensure all sanctioning criteria are being followed, all pickleball brackets events are setup to adhere to CTPR policy & sanctioning criteria, proper silos are used in tournament setup, and ensuring all tournament directors are on the same page.
  • The end goal will see all players playing in their proper categories based on their accurate skill level, will create more competitive events and ensure CTPR’s move up or down more effectively.
  • PCO is standardizing all its sanctioned tournaments to ensure they are well-organized, consistent, fair, safe, and provide an overall better player experience.