The Nanaimo Pickleball Club is an unregistered organization whose purpose it is is to promote the game of Pickleball in the community and schedule play and events onto the indoor courts as they become available. We currently play most of our indoor games at the Nanaimo Regional Community Center at Oliver Woods. We also play some games at local schools depending on the demand and availability of gym time.  There are a number of Community outdoor facilities of which Beaufort Park is the most prominent.

The club was created by a few players who needed an affiliation of some sort in order to rent space from our local Community Centre and now currently has 300 plus members and has been growing annually. 

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  •  2021/09/11 08:00 AM
  •   1600 Stroulger Road, Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada

This event is hosted by Dee and Ronnie Pitcher. Please contact Dee for further information at deepitcher1@gmail.com

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  •  2021/08/28 09:00 AM
  •   Chelsea Crescent, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

If the event is full and you would like to be waitlisted please email the Club with your contact information and the Event(s) you would like to registered for. The Club email is: nanaimopickleball@gmail.com

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  •  2021/07/15 03:30 PM - 2021/07/15 05:30 PM
  •   Chelsea Crescent, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

This event is hosted by Anna and Pete. Please contact Anna for further information at annaoct@hotmail.com

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This Months Calendar

Scheduled Play

We are now able to offer doubles play at Oliver Woods Community Center 

Members must agree to the Member's Responsibilities and the Agreement Waiver. For more information on these agreements click HERE 

To book any of these sessions click HERE and you will be taken to CourtReserve to logon. The cost of the session is dependent on the playing time. All fees are shown in CourtReserve at the time of booking. A copy of our refund policy can be found by clicking HERE

Fall Schedule

Monday11:00 to 1:00Oliver WoodsOpen to all non-restricted Members

Wednesday12:15 to 2:15Oliver WoodsOpen to all non-restricted Members

Thursday9:30 to 11:30Oliver WoodsOpen to all non-restricted Members 

Thursday1:15 to 3:45Oliver WoodsOpen to all non-restricted members rated 3.0+

Saturday11:00 to 1:30Oliver WoodsOpen to all non-restricted members

Saturday3:30 to 6:00Oliver WoodsOpen to all non-restricted Members

Sunday10:45 to 1:00Oliver WoodsOpen to all non-restricted members

Lessons & Clinics

Nanaimo Pickleball Club offers only orientation/introduction to pickleball lessons to new members and skill and drills for intermediate/advanced members.

Introduction/Orientation to Pickleball 

This is geared towards those who are brand new to the sport – an introduction and general orientation to pickleball, ie learning the rules and etiquette of playing. Lee Macdonald also offers an Introduction to Pickleball for up to 4-5 participants per session. For further information please contact Lee at the email address under Private Lessons.

Maximum of 16 participants per session. 

Upcoming sessions: Next Introduction to Pickleball - nothing is scheduled at this time. For further information please contact Anna at annaoct@hotmail.com

Private Lessons

If you’re interested in taking private lessons, please contact the following coach/coaches directly for more information. 

Lee MacDonald, IFP certified coach, offers Levels 1, 2 and 3 classes. Contact info: leemacdonald1951@gmail.com

Pete Korvin and Anna Edgar, Professional Pickleball Registry Certified Pro, offers POW Clinics and private lessons. Contact info: annaoct@hotmail.com   


The Nanaimo Pickleball Club has secured additional playing sessions at Oliver Woods Rec center. See our Schedule page or Calender page for details

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Dee and Ronnie Pitcher of Pitcher's Pantry long time supporters of the NPC, have received their Food Safe Certificates and have had their kitchen inspection.

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Nanaimo Pickleball Club Bylaws


Executive Minutes

Executive Team

Anna Edgar


President since 2019 Vice President, 2017 and 2018 BC55+ Zone 2 (North Island) Pickleball Coordinator Team Onix sponsored player PPR Pro Certified Coach

John Davis


John has been on the executive since 2019 and is currently working on the WEB upgrade Committee and the New Racquet Sports Facility ad hoc committee.

Lyle Evans


Lyle has been on the executive since 2018 and is currently working with the WEB upgrade Committee and was involved with the selection and implementation or the Club's online booking system CourtReserve


Vice President

John Yim

Director at Large

John Yim has been a member of the Nanaimo Pickleball Club since 2017 and been on the club executive since 2018.

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Gary Robbins

Director at large

Gary has been playing pickleball since 2017 years, and has been a member of the club since then. 2019/2020 is his first year as a member of the executive. Gary's interests are in the areas of coordinating player play, member skill development and formalized ratings

Deb Marshall

Director at Large

Deb Marshall has been a member of the Nanaimo Pickleball Club since 2019 and is celebrating her first year on the club executive as a director at large. She has a lead role in our new WEB site rollout and its content.

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Sue Newell

Director at Large

Sue has had a very active role in securing playing space at Oliver Woods for our various sessions. She is the coordinator for court captains who facilitate indoor play. Sue is also currently helping develop a formalized ratings process.

John Emmons

Director at large

John started playing pickle ball a little over three years ago and found it to be a wonderful sport to be involved in. But most importantly he found a community of people that have become good friends. Pickle Ball is not only a great sport, but it's a wonderful place to meet and establish friendships.

Harvey Hall

Director at Large

Harvey has been been playing and enjoying pickleball since 2015. Everything he learned he attributes to wonderful patient Nanaimo Pickleball club members. Harvey is pleased to be able to give back to the club. As such, Harvey is a great addition to the team and is leading the way towards our Head Coaching program and our Junior development program. At this point both areas are being explored with the hope and intention of an evolving presence with both aspects of the game.


April 10, 2021

Nanaimo Pickleball Club AGM: The NPC is conducting its annual general meeting on May 15th at 11:30 AM. Due to COVID-19 restrictions this session will conducted using Zoom, an on-line meeting program. Prior to the meeting each member will receive an email with an invite to attend the meeting.  This will appear as a link in the email.

Resolutions and motions to be considered at the AGM will be distributed via an email 30 days in advance of the session. Please plan on attending if you are at all able.

2021 AGM

Please find attached the minutes of the 2021 NPC AGM Minutes


Beban Park Field House Proposal

Beban Park Field House Proposal

This material is in a Power Point Presentation format requesting that the City of Nanaimo construct a field House at Beban Park to house indoor play for Badminton, Pickleball and Tennis.

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Places to Play

About Pickleball

Pickleball is a racquet sport which combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. The sport is played on a court with the same dimensions as a doubles badminton court. The net is similar to a tennis net, but is mounted two inches lower. The game is played with a hard paddle and a polymer wiffle ball.

The Court

Court Dimensions

The pickleball court is similar to a doubles badminton court. The actual size of the court is 20×44 feet for both doubles and singles. The net is hung at 36 inches on the ends, and 34 inches in the middle. The court is striped like a tennis court, with no alleys; but the outer courts, and not the inner courts, are divided in half by service lines. The inner courts are no-volley zones, and extend 7 feet from the net on either side.


The ball is served underhand starting from the right-hand side of the court and is served diagonally to the opponent’s service zone. Points are scored by the serving side only and occur when the opponent faults (fails to return ball, hits ball out of bounds, etc.). The server continues to serve, alternating service courts, until the server faults. The first side scoring eleven points and leading by at least two points wins. The return of service must be allowed to bounce by the server and partner i.e. cannot be volleyed. Consequently the server’s partner usually stays at the baseline until the first return has been hit back.

  • Baseline — The line at the back of the pickleball court (22 feet from the net).
  • Centerline — The line bisecting the service courts that extends from one side to the other.
  • Crosscourt — The opponent’s court diagonally opposite yours.
  • Dink — A dink is a soft shot, made with the paddle face open, and hit so that it just clears the net and drops into the non-volley zone.
  • Fault — An event that ends with the server giving up his serve to the other side.
  • Foot fault — When ones foot enters into the non-volley zone.
  • Half-volley – A type of hit where the player hits the ball immediately after it has bounced in an almost scoop-like fashion.
  • Let serve — As of January 25th, 2021, service lets have been removed.
  • Non-volley zone — A seven-foot area adjacent to the net within which you may not volley the ball. The non-volley zone usually includes all lines around it.
  • Poach — In doubles, to cross over into your partner’s area to play a ball.
  • Rally — Hitting the ball back and forth between opposite teams.
  • Serve (Service) — The server’s arm must be moving in an upward arc at the time the ball is struck and may be made with either a forehand or backhand motion to put a ball into play at the beginning of a point. 
    • New: **Provisional Rule for 2021** Drop Serve: In addition to the standard serve, players may opt to use the alternate ‘drop serve’ method
  • Server number — When playing doubles, either “1” or “2,” depending on whether you are the first or second server for your side. This number is appended to the score when it is called. As in, the score is now 4 – 2 – second server.
  • Sideline — The line at the side of the court denoting in- and out-of-bounds.
  • Volley — To hit the ball before it bounces.
  • Players – 2 or 4
  • For the 2021 Official Rulebook visit https://usapickleball.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/2021-Rulebook-Indexed-FINAL-12-17-20.pdf

Skill and Drills

Pickleball SKILLS & DRILLS – by Nancy Stern

Serve & Return of Serve


• Keep the ball in play – can’t win point if you serve or return the serve out.

• Hit the serve and return of serve deep to baseline (slower return gives you more time to get to the Non-Volley Zone (NVZ)).

Dink Shot at the NVZ & Footwork


• Soft touch – face paddle head to floor and use bowling motion to place ball

• Control – keep stiff wrist and follow through to the target

• Step in & out quickly at NVZ

3rd Shot Drop & Lob


• Keep the ball in play – can’t win point if drop is out or in net

• Target in front of NVZ – make your opponent move

• Lob – Get ball high & control – use height & soft touch (diagonal lob gives more distance for the shot)



• Patience – you have more time than you think, breathe

• Placement – point shoulder at target and follow through (hit 4 consecutive balls)



• Patience – you have more time than you think, breathe

• Placement – point shoulder at target and follow through (hit 4 consecutive balls)

Game Strategy

• Get the ball over the net = 50% chance of winning rally

• Hit high % shots to reduce UNFORCED ERRORS, don’t make your goal a winning shot

• Placement over power – think target, where you will put the ball

• Patience Grasshopper – >70% of your points come from opposition error

• Move around court with your partner – think of an elastic band

• Communication – talk to partner (mine-yours-up, etc.)

• Have fun – be a good sport, call lines fairly. If in doubt, ball is in!!

Ten easiest ways to LOSE a game

Here is what Coach “Mo” says are 10 ways to guarantee that you will LOSE more Pickleball games than you WIN.1. FREQUENTLY miss your serve.

2. FREQUENTLY miss your return of serve.

3. HELP your opponents by keeping their OUT balls in play.

4. When your opponent hits a very difficult FAST shot at you, try and hit a low percentage sharp angled shot for a winner rather than a DEFENSIVE shot.

5. Take away your PARTNER’S easy forehand shots, with your weaker backhand shots.

6. Get upset with your Excellent Pickleball partner who has SUCCESSFULLY jumped in front of you to win the point!

7. Do NOT keep the ball at your opponents feet as much as possible.

8. Do NOT play up to the No Volley Zone line.

9. Hit the ball TOO FAST for good placement, and do NOT give yourself enough leeway for error.

10. Take TOO MANY sharp angle shots rather than high percentage shots down the middle of the court that bounces between your opponents.

Steps to Mental Toughness (Adapted from: Dr. Jim Loehr & Ken Wasserman)

1. Focus – pick a spot (i.e. ball)

2. Rituals – examine & practice your rituals

3. Pace – develop sense of pace and follow it

4. Breathe – synchronize breathing

5. Positive Intensity – practice & play with intensity

6. Confident Image – project a ‘fighters’ image

7. Relaxation/Timing – stay loose

8. Managing Mistakes – look the same, replay correct shot

9. No Negative Talk – change thoughts to positive ones

10. Have Fun – enjoy the game, smile

11. Positive Attitude – keep strong positive attitude

12. Paddle Up – stay up emotionally, hold up paddle head

PLAY HARD !!__________________________________What it takes to play High Level Pickleball

A Champion’s Continuous Improvement!

Shot Strategy


1 – SERVE Strategy:
Make sure you get your serve in. Keep your opponents deep in their court and use a variety of serves to keep them guessing. A deep serve makes it more difficult for your opponents to gain the NVZ advantage. Don’t rush when you serve, use the 2 second rule. There are basically 3 types of serves you can choose to practice.
1 – power serve (low, deep, hard – less time to attack ball, keeps them deep)
2 – high lob (soft, deep – makes opponent generate own power & keeps them deep)
3 – short angle serve (soft or fast – brings opponent up but out of neutral court position)
Remember, your opponents’ skill and court position will help determine the best choice of serve. Do not OVERUSE one choice, it is good to mix up your serve options but be smart, if your serve choice is working, continue, if not change your option.
2 – RETURN OF SERVE Strategy:
In pickleball, the receiving team has the advantage as their partner is already at the NVZ. The player making the ROS needs to hit a shot that enables them to get to the NVZ with their partner. A slower pace on your shot gives you more time to get up with your partner. A high lob return of serve gives you lots of time to get to the NVZ. As well, a ROS that lands deep in the opposition courts makes the 3rd shot more difficult for your opponents. A short serve is good to use occasionally but it also allows opponent to get to NVZ much quicker. There are 3 basic returns of serve that you can practice.
1 – deep to baseline ROS either soft or hard paced – Target area can depend on opposition (middle causes confusion and keeps both players back, forehand/backhand of opponent may be weaker)
2 – deep high lob ROS (this gives you more time to join your partner at NVZ) – Target area can depend on opposition (middle causes confusion and keeps both players back, forehand/backhand of opponent may be weaker)
          3 – short ROS (use after you have sent opponents back on some ROS, good if opponent has mobility issues)
3 – THIRD SHOT DROP Strategy:
The third shot is one of the most important shots in pickleball. The serving team is at a disadvantage as they need to stay deep to see what type of a return the opposition plays. The 3rd shot strategy is to get you and your partner up to the NVZ as quickly as you can. The return of serve will usually dictate the 3rd shot for you to play. There are basically four types of 3rd shots you can choose to practice.
1 – drop shot (when both opponents are at the NVZ) *This is the most difficult to master
2 – groundstroke to deep opponent (when person returning serve does not come up to NVZ)
3 – hard drive (if a mid-court return or when both opponents are at the NVZ and weak at volleying)
          4 – lob (when both opponents are at the NVZ)Remember, your opponents’ skill and return of serve will help determine the best choice of 3rd shot. Do not OVERUSE one choice, it is good to mix up your 3rd shot options but be smart, if your 3rd shot choice is working, continue, if not change your option.
A good dink/drop shot into the NVZ neutralizes opponents ‘hard or power’ game. It is very difficult to hit a hard, power shot when your paddle is below the net. The dink/drop makes your opponent play from a defensive position rather than offensive. The strategy with dinking is to make your opponent MOVE and to be PATIENT while you wait for an opening to power hit the ball to opponents feet or through the opening.
There are three targets to aim for while you are practicing dinking at the NVZ. Each of these shots is intended to make your opponent move & hit up. Targeting feet pushes opponent back and forces them to hit an ‘up’ ball.
          1 – sideline of near opponent – (forces opponent to regain position)
          2 – middle low to backhand side – (causes confusion for players in middle)
          3 – cross court wide – (pushes opponent out of court & forces opponent to regain position)
Often the shot you choose depends on where you get the ball. A cross court ball that pushes you out of court should be returned cross court to give you more time to reset position. Be careful of dropping to near opponent more than 2 times as they can jump out of court for a hard drive.

Etiquette & Safety


Basic Etiquette and Safety on the courts – referenced from Pickleball Canada
Pickleball is only a game. It is not a metaphor for life. Nobody makes much money playing pickleball. We need to keep in mind that we are playing a GAME! The following Etiquette and Safety guideline are based on that concept.

  1. Begin each game by acknowledging the other players, introducing yourself if you don’t know them. If you do know them, tip a paddle towards them on the other side or whatever is appropriate to let them know that you know they are there and are saying “hey”.
  2. During open play (mixed skill-levels), players play with all skill levels. No complaints. Good sportsmanship is the rule. If you are a significantly stronger player, if you have limited time available to you, and if there is an “advanced court” option, go wait there for a stronger game. In any event, can the whining. It makes you look older.
  3. If you are playing against a team where there is a significantly stronger player, play against the STRONGER player too. You will forget about who wins a given game tomorrow, but if you play against the stronger player you may learn something.
  4. If YOU are the strongest player of the four, play to the weakest players in a way they can handle and learn from. Sometimes you can even ask people what they are working on (e.g. drop shots, lobs, returning balls hit to their backhands, whatever) and if they tell you, hit them shots they can use to work on those shots.
  5. At the end of each game, find something positive to say to the other team at the net. “Nice game” isn’t always appropriate if in spite of your efforts at sportsmanship you have won 11-0. But “you made some great shots!” or “Thanks for playing with us!” is nice. NEVER leave a game without acknowledging the other team. We also tap the end of paddle handles.
  6. If the ball is out, and it’s on your side, call it out. If it’s close, give the benefit to your opponent. This is hard to do when the game is close but do it anyway. If your opponent does not do it, suck it up and you do the right thing anyway when it’s your turn.
  7. If you step into the kitchen on a volley, or if your partner does, call it on yourself. Be very cautious about calling kitchen or serving faults on others. Most of us are at an age that we would doubt that we can clearly see a serving violation (illegal serve, foot-fault on baseline) – it’s 44 feet away at worst and about 23 feet away.
  8. Never ask for, or accept, line calls from spectators.
  9. If spectators continuously comment on the play itself, while this is normal and fun, ask them not to if their comments are loud, disruptive, argumentative, hostile or combative. Even if they are on your side!
  10. NEVER yell at, swear at, or say a hostile or sarcastic word to your partner or your opponent in anger. We repeat, NEVER!
  11. Trash-talking, which is teasing your opponents in a fun and lighthearted way, is part of pickleball. It’s one of the things that distinguishes us from our more formal and reserved counterparts who play tennis. BUT be careful – don’t trash-talk someone who is sensitive, who you don’t know, who is a weaker player or can’t for any reason trash-talk back. Just be careful.
  12. The corollary to the above is obvious. ALWAYS compliment people on outstanding “hero” shots or on a really great game. (Not on every point, but when it’s most appropriate)
  13. Play your strongest game against better players but work on stuff you need practice on with the weaker players. We will often individually tell our partners “I’m working on (say) placement today” and they know that will mean that we’re not necessarily going to put every shot away. Saying this beforehand gives you a chance to gauge what your partner wants out of the deal.
  14. Do not take advantage of a person’s physical limitations when you play them socially. If someone cannot go back for a lob when they’re at the line because of physical limitations, for instance, why lob over their heads? It’s a cheap shot, you won’t learn anything by doing it, and you certainly will not be respected for it. Anyway, perhaps they have great hands at the line and you could learn something by hitting shots to their strength and trying to make good shots out of their returns. (It’s appropriately a different story in tournaments, believe us, but even there some limitations apply.
  15. DON’T OFFER OBSERVATIONS OR ADVICE on other player’s play. Most people don’t want observations about their play and will not take it well. Even if they ask, be very cautious. See the next point.
  16. Giving advice WHEN ASKED – if you believe that the party is really sincere about wanting it. Everybody handles this differently but we believe we should, at that point, give no more than ONE piece of advice at a time. Let them work on that. Then, some other day, go on to the next thing.
  17. IF OTHERS OFFER YOU UNSOLICITED ADVICE/OBSERVATIONS – if you don’t want it, tell them immediately that you are not interested and are just there to play the game. If you are interested, then listen and incorporate how you see fit.
  1. Don’t overplay your current physical condition. (“JUST ONE MORE GAME” has caused way too many accidents!)
  2. Hydrate. This means “drink water”. This means YOU. Drink BEFORE you are thirsty. Otherwise it’s too late.
  3. If a ball comes onto your court from another court, immediately YELL “BALL” and STOP PLAY AT ONCE. Same if you hear “Ball On Court!” yelled from another court. STOP.
– Don’t just swat the ball back that rolls into your court. Pick it up and toss it to the player on the other court.– If your ball is going towards another court, do NOT chase it ONTO the other court. Stop, yell “Ball on Court”, and let the other people stop play and retrieve the ball.
  1. If you are crossing an active court to get onto a vacant court or to leave a court, wait until their current point is over.
  2. If a ball breaks, safely remove it from the court.
  3. If ANYTHING falls on the court, quickly remove it.
  4. If you see someone who displays signs of dizziness, weakness, or lack of concentration, keep an eye on them. Recommend a time-out if you think it necessary for their sake.
  5. If you see someone playing with “bad” shoes…sandals, non-court-shoes, leather soles of any kind, stop play. Bad shoes are disaster on the hoof.
  6. If you are near your partner with an overhead slam opportunity where you may hit them, stop play. Let the ball drop. Lose the point. Do NOT hit your partner. Stay conscious of where they are.
  7. If you can go back more safely for an overhead than your partner, (if their mobility is limited), YOU cover the overheads. Likewise let them cover for you if the situation is reversed.
  8. When going backwards for a lob, turn and run backwards, DON’T SHUFFLE BACKWARDS. I have seen SO-O-O many falls happen because someone shuffles instead of turning and running. This is a hard thing to do correctly, btw, and needs to be practiced.
  9. Only a few of us need to be reminded of this one, but don’t dive for balls.
  10. If someone falls on the court, all play STOPS until their needs are addressed. If you have a full-blown pickleball club you should also have a DeFib unit as well as a full-blown first-aid kit. You should also have people trained up on the DeFib and on CPR. Every year, there should be ADDITIONAL people trained up on both processes.

New Members

Important Information for those wanting to join the Nanaimo Pickleball Club. Please read carefully. 

Membership cost is $25 and is valid until April 30, 2022. If you have any questions, please email the club at nanaimopickleball@gmail.com

To become a new member of the Club you will need to complete the following two steps:

1) have a current membership with Pickleball Canada (PCO) and PickleballBC (PBBC). These memberships can be purchased or renewed on our Pickleball Canada website by clicking here and then following the instructions on the website.

2) apply for membership with the Club by going to our member management software CourtReserve and click on Create Account or Pick a Membership. The link to CourtReserve is:  https://app.courtreserve.com/Online/Portal/Index/6576

Please read the following New Member restrictions carefully before applying for membership with the Club.

1)      New members who do not have any Pickleball experience must take the Introduction/Orientation sessions before playing in any regular Club sessions.

a.       At this session, the instructors will determine if you require further training or development before joining in regular Club play sessions

b.      If it is determined that you require further training you will have the option to:  

  • Take training by an external provider, 
  • take training through Club offered training or 
  • get assistance through Club supported play

2)      To join regular Club play you must be approved by the Instructors that you have attained a certain level of skill. This is to ensure that the games are fun and enjoyable to the new members as well as to our existing Club members. Existing Club members are playing for the fun, exercise and a good game of Pickleball but not to coach, teach or instruct and that is why we require a certain skill level for new members.

a) New members who have not qualified for regular Club Play cannot prepay for regular Club play sessions until they are approved. To this end, supportive play will be offered for these players on Wednesdays and Saturdays (this is currently on hold due to COVID and limited play times). However, the Club will strive to find other playing opportunities and/or training opportunities for these members.

3)      For new members that have not attained a certain skill level they will have opportunities to improve their skill through the following means depending on availability.

a.       Club Supported Play – 1 court during regular club play sessions will be available for novice/beginner players to improve their skills but supported play by an experienced player cannot be offered at this time due to COVID restrictions.

b.      Club Training – training will be scheduled from time to time, depending on demand for new members to develop their skills

c.       External Training – there are individuals outside the Club that provide training for those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity

d.      Club Recreation Play for Developing Members – the Club will be offering some recreational play time to new members under a certain skill level to work on improving their game. To take these recreational play sessions you must have taken the Introduction to Pickleball session or have had some previous Pickleball experience. This is not a training or teaching session so you need to know the rules and how to play. This is an opportunity for new members to play other members at a similar skill level.

e.      Outdoor and Drop-In Play – new members should use these opportunities for additional play time and improve on their skills 4)      At any time a new member who feels they meet the criteria to join regular Club play can asked to be evaluated. This will be arranged at the earliest opportunity by the Club.

Upcoming Orientation/Introduction to Pickleball course (held at Oliver Woods Community Centre or outdoors, weather permitting) – TBA

First day of each session will be an introduction and general orientation to pickleball and the second day will allow participants to play under the scrutiny and instruction of the coaches.

Membership Renewal

Before you renew your membership you need to renew your Pickleball Canada (PCO) and PickleballBC (PBBC) memberships if they are within 60 days of expiry. Please read the attached document on how to complete your membership renewal. The following is the link to CourtReserve where you can logon to complete your membership renewal. https://app.courtreserve.com/Online/Portal/Index/6576

CourtReserve App

To download the CourtReserve App for your ios or android device just click on the appropriate button below.

Tournament Schedule


For a list 2021 tournaments happening on the Mainland and on Vancouver Island, click here. 

For tournaments outside British Columbia click here.  

Past Tournament Results & Pictures




1st: Alice Mather & Michelle Guidone (center)

2nd: Denise Hogg & Gail Horley (right)

3rd: Mia Tremblay & Lindy Arnold (left)


1st: Trevor Ruel & Tristan Ruel (center)

2nd: Neil Rich & Andy Daniel (left)

3rdTom Hunt & Josh Mitchell (right)


1st: Melissa Ruel & Trevor Ruel (center)

2nd: LeeAnn Mitchell & Josh Mitchell (right)

3rd: Mia Tremblay & Ramash Madhava (left)

90 Minute Tournament Participants - Ladies Doubles

90 Minute Tournament Participants - Mens Doubles

90 Minute Tournament Participants - Mixed Doubles

RESULTS – “Welcome in the New Year” 3.5 Mixed Doubles Tournament, Jan 3, 2020

GOLD       Alice Mather & Murray Serjeant
SILVER     Darshan Stevens & Alex Hornby
BRONZE   Annie McCartie & Werner Mollenhoff

GOLD      Michelle Guidone & Alejandro Mujica
SILVER    Sue Fraser & Dennis Peters
BRONZE  Sally Morten & Lyle Evans


RESULTS – 2019 Nanaimo Indoor Pickleball Tournament, June 22-23

GOLD Damaris Brix & Kerry Savory
SILVER Colleen Crowder & Lissy Rauber
BRONZE    Pauline Davidson & Dawn Dueck 

GOLD Anna Edgar & Barb Lawrie
SILVER Glenda Sharpe & Barb Bradford
BRONZE     Lori Murray & Marg Vanveen-Hill

GOLD Inga Makepeace & Susan Newell
SILVER Carolyn Francoeur & Marilyn Oldfield
BRONZE    Patti Hawkins & Deborah Houston
GOLD Deb Marshall & Bonny Sheepwash
SILVER Michelle Guidone & Angela Lorenz
BRONZE    Sam Doumont & Sam Soon
GOLD Peter Brix & Wayne Russell
SILVER David Kim & John Savoy
BRONZE    Thomas Rauber & Karl Stelting
GOLD Neil Rich & Clayton Toresdahl
SILVER Andy Daniel & Pete Korvin
BRONZE   Mauke Mauke & Mike Newton
GOLD Ross Matthews & Trevor Ruel
SILVER Murray Serjeant & Dave Sheepwash
BRONZE  Werner Mollenhoff & Randy Nobel
GOLD Jon Dominy & Kim Brunt
SILVER Matthew Landells & Nick Landells
BRONZE  Larry Frieson & Gordon Petley-Jones
GOLD Lissy Rauber & Tom Rauber
SILVER Kerry Savory & Wayne Russell
BRONZE  Dawn Dueck & Wade Dawe
GOLD Deb Simpson & Mauke Mauke
SILVER Lori Murray & Randy Oben
BRONZE  Evie MacDonald & Del Materi
GOLD Mia Tremblay & Werner Mollenhoff
SILVER Inga Makepeace & Ross Matthews
BRONZE  Jim Scott & Nancy Barnes
GOLD Janet Ruest & Jim Stearne
SILVER Bonny Sheepwash & Dave Sheepwash
BRONZE  Sam Soon & Marv Orth





Many thanks to Dee and Ronnie for another successful tournament.

The Scorer!! Registration with Senoritas Susan and Anna!! A fun day of pickleball with a twist. That is what you get when you enter Nanaimo’s MEXICAN MADNESS tournament. Of course, you do get to play pickleball and you do start the tourney with a partner…..BUT….your partner’s name (opposite gender if enough of each) is drawn out of a sombrero!!! Once you and your partner get on court, you play a rally point game to 25 points (combination of both teams….i.e. 13-12 or 22-3 or 10-15, etc. – It really works on the math skills of the team!!). Once you finish one game you switch partners and play another rally point game to 25. Points are collected individually on a scoresheet and sent to the Padre who is tabulating the scores. This year we had some awesome Mexican guests (Emmanuel, Alexandra and Anna) who were welcomed to our area with Canada backpacks filled with some fabulous Canadian toys. We also saw an OOPs (Out of Province) team of George and Brenda from Lethbridge, Alberta. Thanks so much to all of you for traveling so far to have some Mexican Madness fun! Congratulations to the Teams in all categories for highest & lowest points. Results are as follows:
George Strange & Diane Wilkommen – Anne Mander &Lucy Williams
Piet Komen & Emmanuel Sanchez- Alex Clarkson & Deborah Houston
Les Pearson & Elaine Levell – Doug Runchey & Angela Lorenz
Dave Eaton & Susan Hawkes – Howard & Anna SanchezA ……HUGE thanks to Dee & Ronnie Pitcher who organized this 7th Annual fun tourney and all their volunteers who helped them out. Check nanaimopickleballclub.org and mark your calendar for next summer so you don’t miss this fun pickleball day.Hola,Senorita Nancy SternRonnie & Dee Pitcher, the brainchild of Mexican Madness!!!Brenda & George (OOPs-Out Of Province team) with Ronnie and NancyBeautiful Mexican fiesta lunch put on by Dee & sister LorraineMacarena warm up!!Our Mexican visitors – Alexandra, Anna & Emmanuel – with welcome to Canada gifts.


June 23-24, 2018 @ Oliver Woods Community Centre
3.0 Ladies Doubles
Gold: Sally Morten and Elaine Levell
Silver: Barb Struch and Chris Becker
Bronze: Mary Jo Woolgar and Darshan Steven
3.5 Ladies Doubles
Gold: Evie McDonald and Elizabeth Folk
Silver: Inga Makepeace and Siena Van Brabant
Bronze: Barb Bradford and Susan Hawkes
4.0 Ladies Doubles
Gold: Pauline Davidson and Dawn Dueck
Silver: Lissy Rauber and Claudia McLean
Bronze: Jane Rich and Debbie Simpson
4.5 Ladies Doubles
Gold: Kerry Savory and Lori Murray
3.0 Mens Doubles
Gold: Alex Hornby and Peter Woolgar
Silver: Len Doumont and Owen Seeton
Silver: Robin Pedersen and Kim Brunt
3.5 Mens Doubles
Gold: Daniel Audet and Gurmail Aujla
Silver: Wayne Andrews and Richard Carton
Bronze: Andy Daniel and Lyle Kuchmak
4.0 Mens Doubles
Gold: Randy Oben and Scott Davis
Silver: Clay Toresdahl and Neil Rich
Bronze: Joe McNeill and Del Materi
4.5 Mens Doubles
Gold: Peter Brix and Joe Wong
Silver: Wayne Russell and Barrie Hill
Bronze: Ryner Wilson and Thomas Rauber
3.0 Mixed Doubles
Gold: Len Doumont and Marilyn Oldfield
Silver: James and Laurey Vasey
Bronze: Robin Pedersen and Elaine Levell
3.5 A-Division Mixed Doubles
Gold: Neil Martin and Jen Hlannon
Silver: Neil Rich and Jane Rich
Bronze: Richard Carton and Siena Van Brabant
3.5 B-Division Mixed Doubles
Gold: Mark Lucier and Barb Bradford
Silver: Tom Hunt and Lee-Ann Mitchell
Bronze: Andy Daniel and Evelyn Kaatz
4.0 A-Division Mixed Doubles
Gold: Pete Korvin and Anna Edgar
Silver: Randy Oben and Lori Murray
Bronze: Del Materi and Evie MacDonald
4.0 B-Division Mixed Doubles
Gold: Clay Toresdahl and Debby Simpson
Silver: Mauke Mauke and Marie Randall
Bronze: Ronnie Pitcher and Trudy Pitcher
4.5 Mixed Doubles
Gold: Peter and Damarais Brix
Silver: Wayne Russell and Kerry Savory
Bronze: Thomas Rauber and Bev De Haitre



Fun filled day of pickleball was had by all. Gracias to Dee, Ronnie, Nancy and crew for a wonderful day.

2017 Nanaimo Indoor Pickleball Tournament – Non Sanctioned

Saturday, June 24 & Sunday, June 25 Results:
  • Gold: Vicky Strandlund – Kerry Savory
    • Silver: Pauline Davidson – Claudia McLean
  • Bronze: Jane Rich – Debbie Simpson
  • Gold: Randy Oben – Clay Elmquist
  • Silver: Thomas Rauber – Clay Thoresdahl
  • Bronze: Barrie Hill – Wayne Russell
  • Gold: Kerry Savory – Wayne Russell
  • Silver: Beverly Bennett – Bill Dumper
  • Bronze: Jane Rich – Neil Rich
  • Gold: Gem Chang-Kue – Albert Pozar
  • Silver: Kathy Thomson – Dave Kalyn
  • Bronze: Evelyn Kaatz – Vaughan Allin
  • Men: Gold: Ryner Wilson
  • Silver: Colin McCartie
  • Bronze: Wayne Russell

COVID-19 Restrictions

Double play is now being offered at Oliver Woods Community Center.


During the COVID restriction period members must agree to the COVID waiver agreement before being allowed to play. You can agree to the waiver in CourtReserve when you sign up for a session as the waiver agreement must be ticked when you book the play session. A copy of the waiver agreement is attached below. 

When playing with the Club during periods of COVID restrictions the members responsibilities must be adhered to. A copy of members responsibilities is attached below.

The Vaccine is on its way.


Link to Pickleball Canada                                                                                    Link to PickleballBC

Link to Vancouver Island Pickleball                                                                   Link to USA Pickleball (USAPA)

Link to BC 55+ Games                                                                                         Link to Pickleball Rules

Link to Rule Changes for 2021                                                                           Link to IPTPA Rating Skill Assessment

Link to Pickleball Channel                                                                                   Link to Pickleball Videos (Youtube)

Link to Oliver Woods Drop-In Schedule                                                            Link to Insurance Summary


Yes, we are offering Doubles play sessions as Oliver Woods with a maximum of 20 players to a gym. For a list of scheduled play times check the Scheduled Play page or Calendar on our website.
See our Web page titled How to Play Pickleball for a complete description and the rules.
The only equipment you need is a paddle, a pickleball (either indoor or outdoor ball depending where you are playing) and a pair of court shoes. You should wear whatever comfortable attire you have for either indoor or outdoor play. Most players wear a t-shirt or similar top and shorts or jogging pants depending on the weather.

Equipment can be purchased at most sporting stores or on-line at any of the many on-line sites. 
As a member of the Club it is mandatory that you are members of Pickleball Canada (PCO) and PickleballBC (PBBC). As a member of PickleballBC your membership will indicate your support for the development of PickleballBC and the overall goals set out. In the near future, as the organizational structure of PickleballBC is solidified and work begins, some of the benefits a player would have with a PICKLEBALLBC membership would include:

1. A PICKLEBALLBC website that captures information from across the province and links to information outside BC
2. Information on places to play across the Province
3. A network of like-minded people across the Province who are prepared to share their knowledge to promote the sport
4. A schedule of provincial tournaments for those that want a more competitive environment
5. Access to introductory clinics for new participants and skills upgrading clinics for existing players
6. Access to programs for the development of coaches, referees and training resources for all levels of play
7. Access to a process of player rating that is consistent across BC
8. Introduction of the game to schools and other organizations
9. Advice on club start up
10. Access to Third Party General Liability & Medical Expense Reimbursement insurance
11. Information on what’s happening across BC
12. Membership in an organization that is focused on the development of the sport with the goal of being a provincially recognized sport organization and the capacity to access provincial sports funding.
13. Membership in an organization that supports and guides municipalities in infrastructure development
14. Membership in an organization that actively encourages tournament infrastructure
15. Membership in an organization interested in making BC a leader in Canadian pickleball
To join the Nanaimo Pickleball Club please go to the new membership page on our website for instructions and important information for new members. ​https://www.nanaimopickleball.org/new-members​​​ 
If you are a Club member you can go to the member list on your member portal and look for members who are rated at the same level as you are - their contact information is provided. All scheduled Club play sessions are divided into two groups - 1) Under 3.0 and 2) 3.0 and above so you will be more likely to play with someone at your skill level.

Another way to find players is to drop-in at one on the many outdoor public facilities where players of all skill levels meet to play. Beaufort Park has 6 courts and will be your best opportunity to find a game. For a list of all the outdoor play areas see our Web page Places to Play. To play at these outdoor facilities you do not have to be a member of the Club.
Just logon to CourtReserve and go to either the calendar or event list and choose the session based on your skill level that you would like go play in. You can also find instructions on the homepage of CourtReserve.
Yes you can but there are restrictions. If you are new to pickleball and have little to no experience you can still join the Club but, you will be restricted from playing until you take the "Orientation to Pickleball" session. For further detail please go to the "New Membership" page, click on "Lessons and Clinics" for any upcoming events.
The current membership cost for New Members and is $25.00 for the Club year (May 1 to April 30). The cost for Renewing members who renew before April 30th is $12.50 and $25.00 if renew after April 30th.
Currently the new membership rate is at a discounted rate of $5 but is only valid until April 30 2021 at which time a full year membership will have to be purchased.
You can look on our website to see what lessons are currently being offered on the page lessons and clinics. You can also google pickleball lessons as there are many individuals who offer private lessons.
The Club currently has no age restrictions but our membership is mostly adults many of whom are Seniors 55+. There would be limited play with someone their age.
Unfortunately you cannot play as a guest. However, you can become a Member for $20 to join our Club regular play sessions as long as you have pickleball experience. Otherwise you have to take the "Orientation to Pickleball" course before joining regular Club play.
Please see our web page for Places to Play. To play at any Club sessions you have to be a member.
If you can't find your Pickleball Canada (PCO) number then go to our website on https://secure.pickleballcanada.org/club/nanaimo-pickleball-club/1048/ and click on Member Lookup on the menu at the top of the page,
You can find a listing on the Club's play sessions on our web page for "Scheduled Play Session" or on the "Calendar".
Just go to our web page titled Tournaments for a complete list of tournaments on the Mainland and Vancouver Island as well as tournaments outside of BC.
The Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and we have no business address or phone number. To reach an Executive member of the Club go to the Contact US page on the website and complete and submit your question there or email the Club directly at nanaimopickleball@gmail.com Someone will get back to you in a few business days.
For a summary on the insurance benefits please click on the following link.   Insurance Summary