Important Information for those wanting to join the Nanaimo Pickleball Club. Please read carefully. 

Membership cost is currently $25.00 and is valid until Dec 31, 2023. If you have any questions, please email the club at

To become a new member of the Club you will need to complete the following two steps:

1) have a current membership with Pickleball Canada (PCO) and PickleballBC (PBBC). These memberships can be purchased or renewed on our Pickleball Canada website by clicking here and then following the instructions on the website.

2) apply for membership with the Club by going to our member management software CourtReserve and click on Create Account or Pick a Membership. The link to CourtReserve is:

Please read the following New Member restrictions carefully before applying for membership with the Club.

1)      New members who do not have any Pickleball experience must take the Introduction/Orientation sessions before playing in any regular Club sessions.

a.       At this session, the instructors will determine if you require further training or development before joining in regular Club play sessions

b.      If it is determined that you require further training you will have the option to:  

  • Take training by an external provider, 
  • take training through Club offered training or 
  • get assistance through Club supported play

2)      To join regular Club play you must be approved by the Instructors that you have attained a certain level of skill. This is to ensure that the games are fun and enjoyable to the new members as well as to our existing Club members. Existing Club members are playing for the fun, exercise and a good game of Pickleball but not to coach, teach or instruct and that is why we require a certain skill level for new members.

a) New members who have not qualified for regular Club Play cannot prepay for regular Club play sessions until they are approved. To this end, supportive play will be offered for these players on Wednesdays and Saturdays (this is currently on hold due to COVID and limited play times). However, the Club will strive to find other playing opportunities and/or training opportunities for these members.

3)      For new members that have not attained a certain skill level they will have opportunities to improve their skill through the following means depending on availability.

a.       Club Supported Play – 1 court during regular club play sessions will be available for novice/beginner players to improve their skills but supported play by an experienced player cannot be offered at this time due to COVID restrictions.

b.      Club Training – training will be scheduled from time to time, depending on demand for new members to develop their skills

c.       External Training – there are individuals outside the Club that provide training for those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity

d.      Club Recreation Play for Developing Members – the Club will be offering some recreational play time to new members under a certain skill level to work on improving their game. To take these recreational play sessions you must have taken the Introduction to Pickleball session or have had some previous Pickleball experience. This is not a training or teaching session so you need to know the rules and how to play. This is an opportunity for new members to play other members at a similar skill level.

e.      Outdoor and Drop-In Play – new members should use these opportunities for additional play time and improve on their skills 4)      At any time a new member who feels they meet the criteria to join regular Club play can asked to be evaluated. This will be arranged at the earliest opportunity by the Club.

Upcoming Orientation/Introduction to Pickleball course (held at Oliver Woods Community Centre or outdoors, weather permitting) – TBA

First day of each session will be an introduction and general orientation to pickleball and the second day will allow participants to play under the scrutiny and instruction of the coaches.