Performance Based Ratings and Skill Assessments for Novice Players

The Nanaimo Pickleball Club (NPC) is pleased to offer three opportunities for novice players to move up and play on more competitive courts in Club play sessions. For a copy of our ratings policy please click HERE

1) Pickleball Brackets (PBB) - The Club introduced Pickleball Brackets in April 2022 in all of our Novice play and some advanced ladder play sessions. Pickleball Brackets is the software the Club will use for Novice players to attain a Performance Based Rating based on their performance in Novice play sessions. Team scores will be entered into PBB and a 4 digit rating will be calculated. Once a novice player attains a 3.0 rating and maintains it for a period of time, the Club will elevate them to a higher level of play within the Club. There is no cost for members to create an account with PBB. You can click on the following link to go to PBB and create your account but read the instructions below on creating a PBB account first. Click HERE to go to PBB.

Instructions on creating an account in Pickleball Brackets can be found below. 

2) Skill Based Assessment - The Club has partnered with Lee MacDonald, an IFPTA Certified Level 1 Coach to provide a Skill Based Assessment of a players' skill level for 2.0-3.0 level players. Lee has provided pickleball training at three progressive levels over the past seven years for more than 3700 hours and therefore is well qualified to provide an assessment of a players skill level at this level. The Club will accept Lee's assessment of a players skill level and will move players to more competitive courts based on Lee's recommendation. There is a fee for this service assessment and is for NPC Use Only. Complete details can be found in the attachment below. 

3) Enter in a sanctioned or non-sanctioned tournament at a higher level that you are currently rated and place at that tournament. For full details see our rating policy above.

Ratings for Members 3.0 and above

The Club is introducing Pickleball Brackets (PBB) in some of our ladder play sessions for players rated 3.0 and above to attain a Performance Based Rating within Pickleball Brackets. This rating will be calculated within PBB based on the players performance in those ladder play sessions. A players rating will fluctuate based on the number of games played, your performance in those games and the skill level of the other players. Your PBB performance rating will be more accurate with the more games you play, the more players you play against and the skill level of the other players. There is no cost to signup to PBB but you must have an account with PBB to play in these ladder sessions. For instructions on how to create an account in PBB please see the file located in the section above under ratings for Novice players. For play sessions using PBB please see our event calendar on our website.